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zkp & Privacy


Mon Oct 19th   |   For Developers  |   100% Free

Attendees will learn about the latest research & innovations around zero-knowledge proofs, financial privacy, and more.

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Meet The Speakers

Riccardo "Fluffypony" Spagni



Elena Nadolinski

Itzik Grossman


David Levit


Aram Jivanyan


Professor in Computer Science at UC Berkeley; CEO of Oasis

Former Lead Maintainer of Monero. Co-Founder

CEO & Co-Founder of 0(1) Labs

Stanford Applied Cryptography Group; Co-Creator of SUPERSONIC & Filecoin's Proof of Storage

ethSTARK open source project

Cryptographer; Co-Creator of HALO

CEO &Founder

Enigma's VP of Engineering speaking on behalf of the Secret Network

Cryptography Advisor

CEO &Co-Founder


Reuben Yap

Daniel Benarroch

Yan Michalevsky

Claudia Diaz

Sunny Aggarwal

Vanishree Rao


Mikerah Quintyne-Collins




Professor of CS; Founding scientist of Zcash, Bolt Labs, Aleo



Stanford Applied Cryptography Group;  Co-founder & CTO at Anjuna Security

Cryptographerat 0(1) Labs

Director of Research at QEDIT

NYM Chief Scientist;  Associate Professor at KU Leuven



Co-Author of PLONK & Chief Scientist at Aztec

Tari / Monero NymStarkWareNymSecret NetworkIron FishQedit 
AztecMina / 0(1) Labs
Iron FishTwilight AnjunaSikkaStanford Applied Cryptography GroupZcashZcashMina / 0(1) Labs
Oasis LabsZcoinHashcloak 

On Privacy Enhancing Currencies & Supply AuditabilityWhy We Need Network-Level Privacy: P2P, Tor, and MixnetsZK-STARK Based Post-Quantum-Secure SignaturesHolistic Privacy: Why Zero-Knowledge Proofs Are Not EnoughA Deep Dive Into Smart Contract Privacy In Public BlockchainsIntro to Zero Knowledge ProofsTowards Industry Adoption of ZKP - How Do We Build Trust On The Technology?Plonk in Dystopian TimesSnark-Powered Use Cases & Applications: Bringing Verifiable Computation To CryptocurrencyHow To Develop ZKP Apps Completely In The Browserzk-Matchbook: Matching A Private Liquidity Pool For Perpetual FuturesSecure Enclaves For Blockchain ApplicationsInterfacing Shielded Pools With Stateful ApplicationsDARKER: Efficiency Gains For Supersonic Prover Time
Satoshi Needs More Than a Mask: the State of Privacy on the BlockchainHalo 2 and SNARKs without Trusted SetupsA Forward-Secure Signature — Efficient In Zero Knowledge Proofs, Compatible w/ Cold StorageAdvancements in Zero Knowledge Proofs and CryptoDataSimple, Trustless & Scalable Privacy with One-out-of-Many Proofs
Challenges Around Access Privacy in DeFi

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Hsin-Ju Chuang

CEO & Founder of Dystopia Labs; Prev: Head of Growth at Stellar, Solana, & a Director at Tezos. Mentor at 500 Startups.

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